15 thoughts on “G4S marks refugees’ homes for racist vandalism

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  4. Wednesday 27th January 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    THE first Middlesbrough asylum-seekers’ homes with controversial red doors have had their entrances repainted, the services giant with the contract to house them said yesterday.

    Doors on the properties in the Gresham area are being repainted a variety of colours so that they will not be so easily identifiable as housing asylum-seekers.

    Reps for G4S and Jomast — the contractors responsible — were grilled by MPs yesterday.

    A number of doors have been given a grey undercoat. And painters have started applying a purple top coat to at least one home.

    Immigration specialist Professor Thom Brooks said the the town needed extra funding to deal with having more than the official 1:200 guideline ratio of asylum-seekers to residents.



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