G4S, Serco fraud on housing refugees

This video from Britain says about itself:

24 July 2013 The privatisation of justice and security is really alarming – particularly when it is given to a company as awful as G4S. G4S is the largest security firm in the world. It is also the world’s third largest private sector employer, after Walmart and Foxconn. So what’s wrong with them? Chronic incompetence: G4S messed up their contract for the London Olympics Fraud: G4S has recently been found guilty of fraud for overcharging the Department of Justice electronic monitoring. Brutality: including the death of Jimmy Mubenga and Gareth Myatt Supporting Israeli apartheid: G4S provides security in illegal West Bank settlements, at checkpoints and at prisons …and much more. And yet we still keep giving them billions in public money.

By Ryan Fletcher in Britain:

Audit office exposes Serco and G4S again Saturday 11th January 2014 G4S and Serco fail to meet contractual standards for asylum-seekers accommodation National Audit Office (NAO) investigators yesterday exposed more failings by G4S and Serco during an inquiry into the firms’ use of private accommodation for asylum-seekers. They found the scandal-hit companies had failed to meet contractual standards in some areas such as property conditions. The government is now attempting to recover rebates worth £7 million due to poor performance. Yet G4S, Serco and fellow multinational Clearel are pushing for the government to allow them to expand into new areas outside the agreed postcodes. At the end of 2012, the now-defunct UK Border Agency (UKBA) replaced 22 separate contracts provided by 13 different suppliers with six regional contracts divided between the three firms. G4S and Serco “struggled” throughout preparations for and during the transition, the NAO found, which caused contining uncertainty for asylum-seekers. Both firms took on housing stock without inspecting it and subsequently found that many of the properties did not meet the contractual quality standards, said the auditors. The pair continued to fail to meet contractual standards in some areas, the investigators added, such as finding properties for asylum-seekers within a set timescale and on property conditions. Refugee Council chief executive Maurice Wren said: “Asylum-seekers are often people who have fled horrifying experiences in their own countries and have lost everything. “Failure to provide adequate accommodation is always unacceptable. It’s essential the Home Office sets clear standards, provides the resources required to deliver them and is tough on contractors who fail to meet them.” Labour shadow immigration minister David Hanson said: “It is now vital that the Home Office come clean on how much extra cost is being incurred, what they are doing to renegotiate contracts and if G4S and Serco and Clearel will be paying any money back to the taxpayer for the under-performance.” Both Serco and G4S admitted the faults and said improvements were being made. A Home Office spokesman said: “We are committed to providing safe and secure accommodation while applications are considered.”

Kent University students’ union is terminating a contract with security firm G4S over its role in human rights abuses in Palestine, South Africa, Britain and elsewhere: here.

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33 thoughts on “G4S, Serco fraud on housing refugees

  1. Reblogged this on Ideas Of Mass Destruction and commented:
    This little post says it all. If you live in the UK you will have noticed our new police force slowly taking over. With the botch police governors elections that were forced upon us. Who no one ever was told about or understood, and still it went ahead and now works behind closed doors, none really know what they do or how they do it. It’s all part the the privatisation of our country!

    You will have seen those little white vans with G4S on the side, you will have seen them as security in shops and various other places. It’s just another stage of the great british privatisation, allowing Cameron and his friends to cash in. When will it stop? When will people realise?


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