Refugees forced to wear coloured wristbands in Britain

This video says about itself:

Hungary: Remembering Jews forced to live in ‘Yellow-Star’ houses

21 June 2014

Exactly 70 years to the day since Jews in Budapest were forced to move to houses bearing a large yellow Star of David, some of the buildings still standing have been opened up to the public.

After the yellow stars for Jews in nazi Germany and its allies and occupied countries … and the G4S red doors for refugees recently in England … now this.

From daily The Independent in Britain, 24 January 2016:

Asylum seekers being ‘forced to wear coloured wristbands‘ in Cardiff

There have been allegations that asylum seekers were told by members of staff they would be reported to the Home Office if they refused to wear the wristbands

Shehab Khan

Asylum seekers in Cardiff are reportedly being forced to wear brightly coloured wristbands at all times.

Those housed in the Welsh capital by Clearsprings Ready Homes, a private firm contracted by the Home Office, have been told they will not be fed unless they wear the wristbands, according to the Guardian.

The wristbands entitle the asylum seekers, who cannot work and also receive no money, to three meals a day.

There were also allegations that asylum seekers were told by members of staff they would be reported to the Home Office if they refused to wear the wristbands.

Eric Ngalle, 36, who spent a month in Cardiff told the Guardian: “On the road we had to walk down there is often heavy traffic. Sometimes drivers would see our wristbands, start honking their horns and shout out of the window, ‘Go back to your country.’ Some people made terrible remarks to us.

“If you take off the wristband you can’t reseal it back onto your wrist so if you want to eat you have to wear it all the time.”

The news comes days after asylum seekers in Middlesbrough said they had their doors painted the red by G4S, the private firm responsible for housing them, resulting in harassment and abuse from the public.

By Joana Ramiro in Britain:

Refugees have to wear wristbands

Monday 25th January 2016

HOME OFFICE private contractors are forcing asylum-seekers to wear neon wristbands or risk being denied food, it was reported yesterday.

Migrants newly arrived in Cardiff and living in the premises of Clearsprings Ready Homes have complained about the brightly coloured identifiers which exposed them to xenophobic abuse.

Former resident Eric Ngalle, who was granted refugee status last November, described his time there as “one of the most horrible experiences in my life.”

In an interview with the Guardian, Mr Ngalle said: “If we refused to wear the wristbands we were told we would be reported to the Home Office.

“I made a complaint about the wristbands to Clearsprings, but nothing was done.

“We had to walk from accommodation about 10 minutes away to Lynx House to get food and sometimes when we were walking down the street with our wristbands showing …”.

He added that people sometimes shouted at him after noticing the wristband: “Go back to your country.”

The report comes less than a week after a housing provider in Middlesbrough was forced to repaint the front doors of its asylum-seeking residents after being accused of marking them out with the colour red.

A spokesman for anti-racism campaign Hope Not Hate told the Star: “Coming off the back of the ‘red door’ debacle in Middlesbrough, the mind boggles at the insensitivity of these Home Office contractors.

“Refusing people access to food is just plain wrong and the means of identification used both clumsy and demeaning.

“Surely it’s not too hard to come up with a better solution than this?”

7 thoughts on “Refugees forced to wear coloured wristbands in Britain

    • Indeed, and this case it is Clearsprings. Contrary to G4S of the red doors scandal, as far as I know, they are not primarily a war/privatised police/soldier mercenary corporation.


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