British taxpayers pay for mercenary killers

This 2013 video from Britain is called Victim’s mother: G4S to blame for arming killer.

This is about a former British paratrooper, Danny Fitzsimons, in 2013 a G4S mercensary in Iraq, who killed two of his colleagues.

From ITV News in Britain then about this:

The mother of one of Danny Fitzsimon’s victims has said she believes G4S is to blame for deciding to hire, and for arming, her son’s killer.

Both Fitzsimons and her son Paul McGuigan were working for the private security firm ArmourGroup, which is owned by G4S, at the time of the incident. …

Corinne Boyd-Russell says that Fitzsimons should not have been hired given his history of post-traumatic stress syndrome and the fact that he was charged with a crime in the UK.

By Lamiat Sabin in Britain:

Privatised Britain is mercenary kingpin

Thursday 4th February 2016

War on Want calls for end to murky world of floating armouries

WAR on Want branded Britain the “mercenary kingpin” yesterday due to the vast number of private military firms it has deployed since the start of the “war on terror.”

Hundreds of private military and security companies (PMSCs) have been set up in the past few years alone and now there is a “vast” number operating on a “guns for hire” basis, said the campaign group.

According to its report, about 80 British companies such as G4S — the world’s largest security firm — were reaping enormous profits fighting at the height of the Iraqi war.

There are now hundreds operating in areas of conflict around the world, bound only by a system of self-regulation with a voluntary international “code of conduct.”

PMSCs can also exploit a loophole by filling ships with rifles, ammunition and night vision gear and keeping them in international waters as floating armouries, without fear of legal repercussions, according to the report entitled Mercenaries Unleashed: The Brave New World of Private Military and Security Companies.

There are around 20 such armouries anchored in the Indian Ocean, but the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills has issued 50 licences for armouries operating in the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden.

The multibillion-pound industry mushroomed 15 years ago in the aftermath of the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq by British and US forces, the report added.

Private military contractors ran amok in Iraq and Afghanistan, leaving a trail of human rights abuses in their wake,” said War on Want director John Hilary.

“Now we are seeing the alarming rise of mercenaries fighting on the front line in conflict zones across the world. It is the return of the Dogs of War.”

Dogs of War was a 1972 war novel by Frederick Forsyth about mercenaries hired by a British industrialist to depose the government of the fictional African country Zangaro.

“For too long this murky world of guns for hire has been allowed to grow unchecked,” said Mr Hilary. “In letting the industry regulate itself, the government has failed. Only binding regulation will do.

“The time has come to ban these companies from operating in conflict zones and end the privatisation of war.”


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