Dutch wildlife criminal jailed

This video says about itself:

Stop Wildlife Crime. Protect Malawi’s Wildlife

8 April 2015

Stop Wildlife Crime. Protect Malawi’s Wildlife – a joint initiative between Lilongwe Wildlife Trust and the Department of National Parks & Wildlife.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands today:

A 54-year-old man from Woerden was sentenced to fifteen months in prison, five months suspended, for illegal pet trade. The court in Utrecht also fined him, 2,000 euros.

P. traded extensively in animals, like Philippine falconets, ring-tailed lemurs and leopards. He brought them to Europe from all directions. To get this done, he was guilty of forgery of documents, says the court. The Woerden man, eg, used the ‘zoo route’, in which zoos were mentioned as fake destinations.


In a shed owned by P. police found in 2012 a large number of animals in horrible conditions. They were in dirty cages and in their food and water bowls were droppings.

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