Monkeys, lemurs sold in British pet shops

This video from South Africa says about itself:

Vervet monkey babies

10 January 2009

Looking after orphaned baby monkeys at the Vervet Monkey Foundation. PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT THE PRIMATE PET TRADE! Some of these animals were rescued after people tried to keep them as pets. The pet trade in primates is cruel, and causes suffering – please do not support it. Despite what you may be told there are NO primates that are suitable as pets.

As they grow stronger and more independent, they are eventually integrated with a suitable adult female foster-mother and become less reliant on humans. Eventually the orphans are released into the wild if possible or into a 2-3 hectare outdoor enclosure.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Monkeys ‘being sold in British pet shops’

Friday 22nd August 2014

MONKEYS and ring-tailed lemurs are among primates being flogged to the public in high street pet stores, an animal welfare charity revealed yesterday.

A Born Free Foundation investigation found one shop that kept monkeys in parrot cages — and advised prospective owners to do the same at home.

The shop also recommended the monkey should have a “spare bedroom or garage” to roam around in the day time.

A government spokesman said: “Primates are wild animals with complex needs and it is already against the law to keep them in a domestic pet environment.”

But the foundation said the government wasn’t doing enough to close loopholes that allow their sale.

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