Criminal trade in wild birds discovered

This video from Britain is called My UK Wildlife Garden Birds.

Translated from Dutch RTL TV today:

Police rescues wild sparrows and great tits from pet store

The police have confiscated animals in a pet shop in Breda: 25 native birds.

They are blue tits, great tits, dunnocks, robins, house sparrows, chaffinches and bullfinches. The protected birds may be kept only if they wear a ring, but that was not the case. Police received information and suspects that the animals were caught in the wild.

Some of the birds had traces of glue on their bodies. This indicates that glue sticks were used to catch the wild birds.

Police wrote a report against the owner of the pet shop.

Illegal animal trade in the Netherlands: here.

Internet trade in birds in Algeria: here.

After the issue of the trade in wild birds via the Internet in Algeria was raised by the Facebook page “To Save Wildlife in Algeria“, it is the turn of the Algerian press to approach and condemn this illegal activity by a piece published in El Watan newspaper a few days ago: here.


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