Reporting wildlife crime in the Netherlands, new site

This video is called Stop Wildlife Crime: The Series – It’s Dead Serious (Video 1) | WWF.

Today, conservationists started a new Internet site in the Netherlands. It is It is for reporting wildlife crime in the Netherlands.

Vroege Vogels radio reports on this (translated):

Particularly animals such as the buzzard, goshawk, kestrel, harriers, stone marten, red fox, badger, rook, and songbirds such as goldfinches, siskins and chaffinches are often victims of wildlife crime: persecution of wild animals. Disturbing, killing or capture of wild animals is illegal.

See also here.

Illegal wildlife trade in Algeria: here.

Britain: Gangs raking in thousands from the rising tide of wildlife crime. Report reveals the extent of poaching and poisoning and calls for tougher sanctions: here.

How DNA barcodes can beat gangs who traffick in wildlife: here.

Costa Rica police seize 170 wild animals from German tourist’s luggage: here.

14 thoughts on “Reporting wildlife crime in the Netherlands, new site

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