Birds freed from criminals’ cages

This is a video about birds in the Netherlands singing: a chiffchaff and a nightingale.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Friday 12 Jul 2013, 18:45

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority yesterday in Enschede rescued some 250 protected native birds which were jam-packed in small aviaries.

They were 173 siskins and 45 goldfinches, 15 chaffinches, four greenfinches, four linnets and two bullfinches. The birds have been released. Three were in such a bad condition that they were brought to a shelter. In the aviaries four dead birds were found as well.

The case started after a hint by police to the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. More often, protected birds are caught illegally, but this time it was an extremely large number.

A video about freeing the birds is here.

England, August 2013. According to Kent Wildife Trust someone has been setting traps to catch goldfinches in Kent. It is an offence to trap wild birds without a licence, and if caught the perpetrator can be fined up to £1000: here.

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