4 thoughts on “West Europeans oppose warmongering on Ukraine

  1. On the occasion of the Munich Security Conference (an institution closely connected to NATO) scheduled to take place on June 16-17, 2015, in Vienna on the topic of Ukraine an alternative discussion has been arranged by the Austrian Committee for Peace in Ukraine and others. It will take place in the prestigious Diplomatic Academy.

    It is one of the first instances where a Ukrainian democratic opposition figure and a Donbass leftist come together in a Western capital.

    The EU and the US continue to deny the internal root cause for the conflict which is the severe oppression of popular dissent towards the ultra-nationalist government. Hardline Ukrainian nationalism does not represent the majority of the population. In the Eastern and Southern parts of the country it is only a tiny minority. Therefore they need to resort to the terror of rightist militias to maintain power (Odessa massacre).

    The West repeats the accusation of Russian aggression and failure of implementing the Minsk accord. They omit that it is Kiev which fails to grant significant autonomy to Donbass as stipulated in Minsk – the political key to resolve the conflict.

    For Kiev to implement Minsk would mean to push back extremist Ukrainian nationalism on which their power rests. Restoration of democracy would result in losing power also in the Odessa and Charkov regions. So as the Western ally can only rule by war and dictatorial means.



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