Seal found in urban fresh water

This under water video is about common seals being fed at the shelter in Pieterburen, the Netherlands. The seals stay there until they are healthy enough to be freed again into the sea.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Seal in Oudegracht in Utrecht

The Oudegracht is a medieval, fresh water, canal in Utrecht city in the central Netherlands. Not close to the sea.

Today, 22:08

In the center of Utrecht a [common] seal has been found. The animal swam in the Oudegracht. It’s still a mystery how the seal ended up there.

It was removed from the water and is now in a dog cage in the police station, waiting until it will be brought to a shelter in Stellendam. There people will examine the seal’s health. …

A father and his daughter alerted the police who went to take a look. The seal had then passed to the bank to rest. There it was caught.

Update 28 August 2015: things go well for the seal.

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