Texel salt marshes, dunlins and sanderlings

This video is about the Schorren nature reserve on Texel island. Especially about a rare plant flowering there: the golden samphire.

After 7 October on Texel, on Wednesday 8 October 2014, to the Wadden Sea salt marshes, the Schorren.

Schorren, Texel, 8 October 2014

Much water, much mud. People had to be careful about their boots getting stuck and about falling.

Many birds had gone away to sandbanks.

Still there were sanderlings. And dunlins. And a red knot.

Wigeons and brent geese flying.

We found a dead starling; killed by a peregrine falcon?

A few sea lavender plants still had purple flowers.

Annual seablite, Texel, 8 October 2014

Much of the Schorren looked reddish; the colour of annual seablite in October.

15 thoughts on “Texel salt marshes, dunlins and sanderlings

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