Texel sanderlings, robin, and green sandpiper

This video is called Birds of Texel.

After 4 October, Sunday 5 October 2014 on Texel island.

North of De Bol nature reserve, male and female tufted ducks swimming.

In the sand dunes near De Cocksdorp village, a male and a female stonechat.

A parasol mushroom. Probably a result of today’s rain after a long drought.

Sanderling, Texel, 5 October 2014

We continue to the beach. We see this sanderling.

Sanderling and seashells, Texel, 5 October 2014

And another sanderling.

Sanderlings flying, Texel, 5 October 2014

Sometimes, the sanderlings fly away. But they always come back to somewhere along the tide line, to feed.

On a jetty, a great cormorant.

Ruddy turnstone, Texel, 5 October 2014

And other birds; like this ruddy turnstone cleaning its feathers.

A sandwich tern flies past.

In shallow water close to the jetty, a common gull standing.

Herring gull with seashells, Texel, 5 October 2014

On the beach, a bigger relative: a herring gull. It tries to disentangle seashells joined together.

We continue to the Robbenjager. A group of twenty collared doves.

Robin, Texel, 5 October 2014

In a bush near the hide, this robin.

Near that bush, three rabbits grazing.

Northern lapwing and green sandpiper, Texel, 5 October 2014

Near the lake bank, a northern lapwing, and a green sandpiper.

And a snipe.

A male teal and shoveler ducks swimming. And wigeons.

Pheasant male, Texel, 5 October 2014

Near the parking lot, a male pheasant.

Pheasant female, Texel, 5 October 2014

And a female pheasant.

Stay tuned for the next blog post about the north of Texel on 5 October 2014!

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