Dutch military and police corruption scandals

This February 2014 video is called US Armed Forces Besieged by Corruption Scandals.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Corruption scandal at Defence Department

Wednesday Oct 15 2014, 18:44 (Update: 15-10-14, 19:22)

Also at the Defence Department employees have been suspended for corruption. They are two senior officers and two senior civil servants. They are suspected of official corruption in the procurement of operational vehicles. This reports the Ministry of Defence.

Yesterday it was announced that five police officers have been suspended because they are said to have cheated in the purchase of police vehicles.

According to the lawyer of the four Defence employees, importer Pon was the intended supplier of both the vehicles for defense and the ones for the police.

14,600 vehicles

At the police this is about the purchase of about 13,000 police vehicles. At Defence this would involve more than 1,600 operational vehicles.

Defence wants to say nothing further on the matter.

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