Dutch policeman kept illegal pets

This video is called Inside Wildlife Crime.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Illegal animals at police officer’s home

Friday Oct 17, 2014, 15:33 (Update: 17-10-14, 15:46)

At the home of a police officer more than sixty animals have been found. They were in unsuitable pens and cages. The man kept at his home in Schimmert in Limburg province inter alia tawny owls, a turtle, otters, exotic squirrels, rabbits and mice.

A veterinarian examined the animals in the house. Then they were seized and brought to shelters.

The police officer has not been arrested. There is however an internal investigation about him. He kept the animals in his own words as a hobby.

BirdLife Partners create a new European Network against Environmental Crimes: here.

18 thoughts on “Dutch policeman kept illegal pets

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