Dutch occupation forces discriminated against Afghan translators

This video from California in the USA says about itself:

Fantastic Rethink Afghanistan demonstration in Santa Barbara

10 August 2010

The movement to rethink the Afghanistan War is picking up steam, as demonstrated by the local Veterans for Peace chapter’s action on the beach in Santa Barbara on August 8.

From the KEYT story: “More than 1,200 crosses were set up on the beach next to Stearns Wharf. And the strong public reaction to the memorial may be an indication that more and more Americans are actually beginning to rethink Afghanistan.”

Way to go, folks!

If you want to get together with your neighbors to organize against the war, join a Rethink the Afghanistan War Meetup.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Interpreters: Dutch Department of Defense discriminated against us

Update: Monday, 2 May 2014, 07:52

Interpreters who worked in Afghanistan for the Department of Defence have a litany of complaints about their employer. Eg, they were discriminated against because of their faith and they were needlessly exposed to dangerous situations, they said in Nieuwsuur TV show.

An interpreter was forbidden to pray by his commander and had to stay for at least two months in an unprotected container, even if the rocket alarm went off. For others, the Defence Department did not honour agreements on wages, bonuses and promotions.

Defence acknowledges that things have gone wrong for more than 25 of the 70 interpreters. A large part of them are sitting at home with severe mental illness.

According to Nieuwsuur TV, a Dutch commander told an Afghan interpreter, called Ali (not his real name) for reasons of privacy: ‘You have to choose between God and me’. The interpreters also had to eat non-halal meat, like pork.

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