Osprey, yellow-browed warbler at Euro Birdwatch 2014 on Texel island

This video is called Water Rail – Rallus aquaticus.
On 4 October, there was Euro Birdwatch 2014.

After our arrival on Texel on 3 October, on 4 October we went to the south of the island, near the Waterral (Water rail) hide, near the western Horsmeer lake. The Waterral was opened officially on 4 October; as well as the Texel migratory bird counting of Euro Birdwatch happening there.

As a third event that day at the Waterral, two Texel brothers got special prizes, ‘Golden Spoonbills’ from BirdLife in the Netherlands, for their work for birds on Texel.

Before arriving there, avocets in Wagejot nature reserve on the east coast.

Flowers, Texel, 4 October 2014

Not far from Den Hoorn village, this field of flowers. It attracted a red admiral butterfly, but it was too fast for photographing. In the background, a farm with a ‘stolp’ pyramid-like roof; typical for Texel.

Golden plover and lapwings, 4 October 2014, Texel

A bit further, another field. No flowers, but plenty of birds. Like this lonely golden plover in winter plumage, here on a photo with two individuals of scores of northern lapwings.

Curlews and golden plover, Texel, 4 October 2014

To the left of the golden plover were also scores of curlews.

Curlew, Texel, 4 October 2014

Behind the curlew on this photo is a typically Texel sheep shed.

We arrived at the Petten nature reserve. A redshank on an islet. A goldfinch near a fence.

As we walked to the Waterral bird observatory, we heard a real water rail call. Unfortunately, as often with this skulking species, we did not see it.

After our arrival, a great egret in the western Horsmeer lake.

We met Euro Birdwatch counter Vincent Stork. He said that then, at 12:20, already 77 bird species had been counted there. Including rare species like yellow-browed warbler, kingfisher, two goshawks. Also many individuals of more common species, like blackcaps, wrens, chiffchaffs, and robins.

Osprey, Texel, 4 October 2014

Look! A special bird! An osprey, on its way to Africa, flies over the western lake.

It catches a fish in the eastern lake.

Then, robin sound.

Then, sound of a much rarer bird: a yellow-browed warbler!

Unfortunately, we did not see it, so here comes a yellow-browed warbler video from Portugal.

We walk to the sea. European searocket flowering on the border between sand dunes and beach.

Later, in the Kreeftenvallei sand dune valley, marsh grass-of-Parnassus flowers. A young common frog jumps away.

A small copper butterfly.

Long-tailed tit, Texel, 4 October 2014

Then, a group of songbirds of various species in a bush. Like this long-tailed tit.

Long-tailed tit and chiffchaff, Texel, 4 October 2014

There was a chiffchaff too.

Great tit, Texel, 4 October 2014

And a great tit.

In the eastern Horsmeertje lake, a little grebe.

Mokbaai birds, Texel, 4 October 2014

We continued to the Mokbaai. Many shelducks, shoveler ducks.

Mokbaai wigeons, Texel, 4 October 2014

Also many wigeons. Some northern pintail ducks.

A peregrine falcon sits on a pole in the water. Later, it flies away.

Birdwatching on Texel, 10-11 October 2014: here.

Texel searocket and hoverflies: here.

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