Nightingale concert and wheatear

Nightingale sings, 17 May 2014

On 17 May 2014, to Meijendel nature reserve. We went very early. Already before sunrise, many nightingales singing so beautifully. As usually, you could hear most nightingales, but not see them. This one, singing from the top of a Meijendel bush, was an exception; as most birds of this species sing at inconspicuous places.

A bit later than the nightingales, but still before sunrise, a blackbird began to sing.

And a robin.

And a blackcap.

And a redstart.

At a lake about a kilometer away, the booming sound of a bittern; only audible for excellent ears.

A song thrush.

A cuckoo calls.

In a lake, a mute swan and red-crested pochards swim. And a coot.

We are in the Ganzenhoek part of the reserve, usually inaccessible to people.

Meijendel fog, 17 May 2014

It is still hazy; the sun has not driven away the fog yet.

A willow warbler sings.

Then, the nightingale on top of the bush of the photo on top of this blog post.

One of many whitethroats sings.

Seaside pansy flowers.

Canada geese flying overhead.

A carrion crow.

Two great cormorants flying.

A woodlark sings.

Meijendel sunrise, 17 May 2014

Then, sunrise.

Meijendel lake, 17 May 2014

A shallow lake. In Meijendel at this time of the year, many tadpoles of various species in lakes likes this.

A northern lapwing calls.

Early marsh orchid flowers.

Meijendel dunes, 17 May 2014

Then, on to a drier part of the reserve, with sand dunes.

There are about 250 foxes in Meijendel, but we don’t see one today.

We do see a male stonechat on a bush.

Meadow pipit, on bush, 17 May 2014

On another bush, a meadow pipit sings. With the early morning moon still in the background.

Cinnabar moths flying; a bit further, their caterpillars.

Wheatear, 17 May 2014

Then, a female northern wheatear.

A goshawk flying.

Meijendel, 17 May 2014

Still remnants of fog in lower parts of dune valleys.

Stay tuned, as there will be another blog post on 17 May in Meijendel.

Ganzenhoek in 2016: here.

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