Spoonbill and whitethroat

Today, the “Baillon’s crake reserve”.

Near the entrance, sedge warblers and reed buntings singing. Male and female tufted ducks swimming.

Mallards, some with ducklings; great crested grebe; coot. Grey lag geese, many with goslings, some of which are already not that much smaller than adults.

In the southern lake: male and female shoveler. Canada geese. Lapwing, redshank. Gadwall.

Swift and barn swallows flying.

Above the northern lake, a black-headed gull drives a spoonbill away. Egyptian geese. Shelducks.

This video is called Egyptian Geese Goslings.

In the big northern canal, an Egyptian goose swims with its gosling. Another Egyptian goose stands on top of a pollard tree. Soon, it flies off the tree, to join its partner and its gosling in the water.

Greenfinch sound from the other side of the canal.

In a shallow part of the northern lake, a black-tailed godwit cleaning its feathers.

On a muddy islet, a common sandpiper. Four barnacle geese fly away.

A male and a female common pochard.

The whitethroat is still singing near the railroad.

Juvenile lapwings on a mudflat.

On a canal, nearer to the entrance/exit: a great crested grebe with two very young chicks.

French ortolan bunting photos: here.

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