Red-crested pochard and fungi

This is a red-crested pochard video.

On 7 November, from the bridge near the sewage works, a male red-crested pochard, and a great crested grebe gulping down a fish.

Near the entrance of the nature reserve, the bearded tooth fungus is still there, though by now it is old and brown.

Bearded tooth fungus in Epe: here. Orange bearded tooth fungi: here.

A bit further, porcelain fungi.

Great spotted woodpecker and jay.

Coniferous forests and fungi: see here.

Winter fungi of Texel: here.

Five Red-crested Pochards (Netta rufina), 3 males and 2 females, were observed in Chiba Reservoir, Cap Bon (Tunisia) during this winter waterbirds census on 14 January 2015. The Red-crested Pochard is a rare wintering visitor in Tunisia. Mohamed Ali Dakhli / Birding Tunisia.

4 thoughts on “Red-crested pochard and fungi

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