Don’t forget wildlife at Dutch elections

This is a video about a singing nightingale; one of wildlife species in Zuid-Holland province in the Netherlands.

Dutch conservationists in Zuid-Holland province have made a petition to the political parties about wildlife in the province.

The petition is here.

On 18 March 2015, there will be elections for all provincial authorities in the Netherlands (these, in turn, elect the Senate); and for water management boards as well.

The conservationists say there are many problems for wildlife in densely populated Zuid-Holland. However, areas in the province, managed by provincial conservation organisations, have proven that it is possible to stop, and even to invert, the decline of wildlife.

So, the petition asks that politicians should make conservation a priority.

They especially point at fifteen Zuid-Holland wildlife species: otter, black-tailed godwit, white-tailed eagle, beaver, Atlantic salmon, nightingale, northern wheatear, harbour seal, tawny owl, bee, wall brown butterfly, pine marten, the flowering plant Caltha palustris subsp. araneosa, shoveler duck and purple heron.

See also, for all provinces, here.

25 thoughts on “Don’t forget wildlife at Dutch elections

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