Dutch grassland birds news

This is a 2016 video from the Netherlands about black-tailed godwits.

Today, warden Jenny van Leeuwen reported about the 2016 nesting season for grassland birds in nature reserves in Zuid-Holland province in the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands as a whole, 2016 was a bad year for black-tailed godwits. However, in De Wilck reserve, 86 black-tailed godwits nested. The number of redshank and oystercatcher nests remained stable. Unfortunately, there was a decline in northern lapwing nests, to 60.

For the first time ever, two avocet couples nested this year in De Wilck. The young birds fledged.

For the first time since decades ago, 18 ruffs were present in De Wilck, of whom five did mating season dances. It is not known whether there were ruff nests, as females hide these well.

In Donkse Laagten reserve, in 2016 22 skylark couples nested. Encouraging for this species which has declined much.

Abandoned farmlands hold potential for the preservation of wetland and grassland birds as rehabilitation zones: here.

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