Controversial Dutch officer to Mali war?

This video is called Mali Mayhem: ‘French post-colonial ambition to spark African anger’.

According to Dutch NOS TV, the Dutch government will probably decide this Friday whether they will send hundreds of soldiers to the neo-colonial war in Mali.

Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblad writes today that one of the officers of the Dutch commando troops in Mali will probably be Captain Marco Kroon.

Marco Kroon first got publicity for an Afghan war decoration.

Later, police suspected him of illegal trade in cocaine and weapons.

The court decided that there was not enough proof about the drugs trade; but they did convict Kroon about the weapons trade.

French soldier in Mali with skull mask

This photo of a French Foreign Legion soldier, part of the invasion of Mali, shows the real face of that war.

That war is not “against Al Qaeda terrorism” (supported by the French government in Libya, and still in Syria). It is not for women’s rights, human rights or secularism.

It is in support of a military dictatorship.

It brings death, mainly to Malian civilians.

This war is a neo-colonial war.

The French Foreign Legion became infamous in the nineteenth century for its atrocities while imposing colonial rule in Algeria and elsewhere. Now, it plays a role in twenty-first century neo-colonialism as well.

While the Dutch government are preaching “austerity” to their citizens, they are planning to spend lots of money on neo-colonial war in Mali.

Over a 1000 Dutch soldiers to Mali? Here.

Elements of Mali’s military appear to be carrying out a purge and extrajudicial killings of soldiers who took part in a mutiny last month in a barracks outside the capital Bamako, Amnesty International said today based on its research: here.

The killing of two French journalists in Northern Mali a week ago has been used as a pretext by Paris to pursue its war in Mali, under the guise of fighting “Islamist terrorism”: here.

Mali suspects first Ebola cases as regional death toll tops 90: here.

United Nations peacekeepers in the northern Malian town of Gao killed at least one person on Tuesday when they used live rounds to disperse protesters threatening a base there, two witnesses said. … A second witness said he saw four dead and four others who had been injured taken into Gao hospital: here.

Macro Kroon update, August 2018: here. And here. And here.

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