Dutch police suspect ‘Afghan war hero’ of drug crimes

This is the video of Dutch Queen Beatrix awarding the Military William Order to Captain Kroon.

This video from the USA is called Rethink Afghanistan (Part 4): Civilian Casualties.

Translated from Dutch news agency ANP:

Police interrogates war hero Kroon

January 30, 2010 06:59

DEN BOSCH – This Friday, the police have interrogated captain Marco Kroon, who last year because of his heroic actions in Afghanistan received the Military William Order.

Awarded by the Queen, 55 years since it had been awarded for the last time.

The Brabants Dagblad reported this.

This was confirmed by Den Bosch police on Saturday. The spokeswoman would not say whether Kroon and his partner were still prisoners.

The police in connection with this case arrested four suspects in December. They were two women and one man from Den Bosch and a resident of Schijndel.


At the same time the police interrogated two other Den Bosch suspects. In house searches, police found several weapons. They expect to complete the investigation soon.

Both civilian and military police are thought to have Kroon in their sights since October. They have a suspicion of cocaine use by the decorated soldier and patrons of Vinny’s Cafe, the pub in Den Bosch which Kroon manages. …

Kroon in 2006 commanded a platoon which did several daring commando operations in Afghanistan. For the way he did that, he received the award.

From Radio Netherlands Worldwide:

The defence ministry has confirmed media reports that former Captain Marco Kroon is suspected of drugs possession and violating the gun law.

United States of America, Chief Kingpin in the Afghanistan Heroin Trade? Here.

Talking about the Afghan war:

Four Afghan soldiers have been killed and another six wounded after Nato troops clashed with them and called in air attacks, Afghan provincial officials say.

5 thoughts on “Dutch police suspect ‘Afghan war hero’ of drug crimes

  1. Interpreter kills 2 U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan

    30 Jan 2010 14:12:56 GMT

    KABUL, Jan 30 (Reuters) – An interpreter in Afghanistan shot dead two U.S. soldiers, a U.S. military official said on Saturday, adding that the attacker appeared to be a disgruntled employee rather than a militant.

    The NATO-led force in Afghanistan said earlier that two U.S. service members and one “U.S. employee” had been killed in an incident in the east of the country on Friday, without giving further details.

    “Initial indications are this was a case of a disgruntled employee,” said the U.S. military official.

    The incident took place in Wardak province southwest of Kabul, which was also the scene of a clash between Afghan troops and NATO-led forces overnight in which the foreign troops called in an air strike that killed four Afghan soldiers.

    There was no indication that the two incidents were linked.

    An Afghan provincial official, who also asked not to be named, said the interpreter had quarrelled with the soldiers over pay and treatment, before opening fire.

    The interpreter was shot dead by other soldiers after killing the two.



  2. JSF fighter jet still a risky project

    Thursday 04 February 2010

    The Netherlands still runs numerous financial and other risks with the purchase of the new Joint Strike Fighter jet, the government’s audit office said on Thursday.

    The purchase price is still unknown and a number of information security issues need to be solved, the office said in a report to MPs.

    The Netherlands is considering buying JSF aircraft to replace the aging F-16 planes and has set aside €16m to buy and maintain them.

    Dutch industry has been involved in the project since 2002 and some €800m has already been invested. Last year, MPs agreed that a final decision will be delayed until 2012, when the country has a new government.

    © DutchNews.nl


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