Afghan war ‘hero’ prosecuted for anti-police violence

Marco Kroon, ANP photo

This photo shows Dutch army Major Marco Kroon and his many medals.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

The Public Prosecution Service will prosecute Marco Kroon for an incident with policemen on Carnival Sunday in Den Bosch. According to the Public Prosecution Service, the holder of the Military William Order has been guilty of indecent exposure, insult and manhandling.

Due to the seriousness of the allegations, the Ministry of Defense decided to suspend Kroon. That means that for the time being he may not do his work and may not wear a uniform, says a spokesperson.

Peeing in public, headbutt

The police saw Kroon pee in public on March 3 and spoke to him about it. He then treated three officers in various ways, unfairly and in a criminal way, says the Public Prosecution Service.

Kroon is said to have shown his genitals to one of the police officers and to have raised his middle finger to another policeman. When he was arrested, he is said to have headbutted a third cop. …

The Defense organization already announced last month that it would not reimburse Kroon’s costs of legal assistance this time. On previous occasions that Kroon came into contact with police, his employer did so.

Marco Kroon received the Military William Order in 2009, the highest bravery award in the country. The medal was awarded for his performance as platoon commander in Afghanistan.

Afterwards Kroon discredited himself several times. In 2011, eg, he was convicted of possessing [illegal] electric shock weapons. The Public Prosecution Service also opened an investigation last year when Kroon announced that he had murdered an Afghan in 2007 and had not reported that to the Defense organization. This did not lead to prosecution because the investigation did not result in confirmation or denial of Kroon’s account.

The incident in Den Bosch has no consequences for Kroon’s Willems-Orde award, says the spokesperson for the Defense department. That may be the case with a conviction of at least a year in prison or with a dishonourable discharge by the Ministry of Defense.

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