Turks oppose German Syrian war soldiers

This video says about itself:

Oct 4, 2012

Turkish police use tear gas to disperse a small group of anti-war demonstrators approaching parliament, as Turkey uses artillery against Syrian targets for a second day.

Around 30 anti-war protesters marching towards the Turkish parliamen in Ankara are stopped by riot police using tear gas. The demonstration comes as deputies debate a motion that could authorise military action in Syria.

The Local in Germany has this in itself interesting news item, marring it with a German nationalist, pro-militarist undertone:

Turkish mob threatens German soldiers

Published: 23 Jan 13 11:57 CET

German soldiers manning Patriot missile batteries on the Turkish-Syrian border have been threatened by an angry mob of demonstrators thought to be from a left-wing nationalist youth group.

A “mob” is a word usually used for criminal gangs, like the mafia.

However, here The Local uses it to describe demonstrators, expressing their view that Turkey should not get involved in the bloody war in Syria. Who are the real mobsters here? Anti-war demonstrators in Turkey? Or rather warmongers like the torturing prince of Bahrain, who wants “democracy” in Syria by bloodshed? CIA agents bringing United States taxpayers’ money to Al Qaeda in Syria? NATO countries politicians, using Turkish, German, and other soldiers as cannon fodder?

German soldiers and their Patriot missiles don’t belong in Turkey. Turkish soldiers don’t belong in Iraq; or in Syria.

The Local describes the demonstrators as “nationalist”. I don’t know the organization of which they are said to be members well. But really aggressive Turkish nationalists in, eg, the government promote war in Syria. They don’t demonstrate against it.

After some 40 people surrounded the soldiers in the southern town of Iskenderun, one German reportedly had a bag containing white powder thrown over his head. Four other soldiers managed remained unscathed [sic] and all five made it back to their army quarters after Turkish security forces arrived. All of the Germans were in civilian clothing at the time of the incident.

While the authorities stepped in quickly enough to prevent things from escalating further, similar attacks have happened in the past on foreign soldiers on Turkish soil.

Thought to be from the Turkey Youth Union (TGB), a nationalist youth organisation, members have been known to throw bags over NATO soldiers in the past in reference to the treatment of Turkish soldiers captured by US forces during the 2003 Iraq war.

The German soldiers manning Patriot missiles on the border are part of a NATO mission requested at the end of 2012 by the Turkish government to help protect against attack during growing unrest in Syria.

There are around 350 German soldiers working on the “Active Fence Turkey” project, which started properly in the country at the beginning of this year.

Opposition against Dutch soldiers in Turkey: here.

32 thoughts on “Turks oppose German Syrian war soldiers

  1. TGB is definately not a “nationalist” organization in general… Maybe it is better to call them “left-wing nationalists” in line with Mustafa Kemal, Mao, Chavez, Bolivar, Ho Chi Minh or Castro… In fact, they usually call themselves “Kemalists”… Even, many young militants of Workers’ Party (Turkey) which is known with its strong belief in Maoism also works in TGB. As in October 29 and November 10 demonstrations, TGB is capable of mobilizing millions of masses around the hardcore values of Kemalism, like independence and secularism. It is known as a front organization of all patriotic youth. So, concepts that we use may mislead us.


  2. Militairen van Duitse Patriot-missie klagen over Turken

    Duitse militairen van de Patriot-missie in Turkije klagen over de manier waarop het gastland ze behandelt. Dat zegt de ombudsman van het Duitse leger.

    De samenwerking met de Turken wordt ‘overwegend als problematisch ervaren’, aldus Hellmut Königshaus zaterdag in de krant Süddeutsche Zeitung. Hij rapporteert een waslijst aan incidenten.
    Zo zou een Turkse generaal een Duitse vrouwelijke militair hebben geduwd die het verkeer regelde tijdens een bezoek van de Duitse minister van Defensie Thomas de Maizière. De militair hield blauwe plekken over aan het incident. Ook zouden Duitse militairen dagenlang zijn tegenhouden toen ze de kazerne wilden verlaten. Post voor Duitse militairen wordt dagen en soms zelfs weken opgehouden.


    De ombudsman noemt de toestand van de sanitaire voorzieningen voor de Duitsers ‘onhoudbaar’. In kantoren zouden de muren zijn beschimmeld. De Duitsers beklagen zich er bovendien over dat Turkse militairen zwerfhonden op het terrein doodschieten maar niet opruimen.Volgens de Duitse militairen gaat het Turkse leger contact tussen Duitse en Turkse collega’s systematisch tegen. Turkse militairen die wel contact opnemen zouden straf krijgen.

    De Duitse militairen zijn in Turkije om dat land met hun Patriot-luchtafweerraketten te beschermen tegen mogelijke aanvallen met raketten uit Syrië, waar oorlog is. Ze zijn gelegerd bij Kahramanmaras. Ook een Nederlandse Patriot-eenheid is in Turkije gestationeerd, bij de stad Adana. Minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert van Defensie bracht vorige week een bezoek aan de 270 Nederlandse militairen.
    Duitsland, Nederland en Turkije zijn NAVO-bondgenoten. De regering van Turkije heeft gevraagd om de inzet van de geavanceerde Patriot-raketten van het bondgenootschap.

    Trouw 02-03-2013


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