German spies spied on John Kerry too

This February 2014 video is called New German TV Snowden Interview – Clapper Put in His Place.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Saturday Aug 16 2014, 16:52

The German secret service has spied on a call by the US American Secretary of State, John Kerry. According to the weekly Der Spiegel it was a ‘bycatch’ in a thorough interception of Turkish officials.

Lots of criticisms are possible about the Turkish government. However, officially Turkey is a NATO ally of Germany. There are German soldiers in Turkey, close to the border with Syria, increasing military tensions in that area. So much for the honesty in military alliances.

The German government commanded this in 2009 and that monitoring continues until the present day. According to the magazine it is not clear who are spied on.

Yesterday German media already published that the predecessor of Kerry, Hillary Clinton, had her phone tapped two years ago. Germany had previously been critical of the US because Chancellor Merkel was bugged by the NSA.

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