18 thoughts on “German government promotes militarism

  1. I would be more concerned about the militarism of China. They are starting to imply geographic expansion; the south sea claims are the most visible. Now they have issued new passports with lands/waters of Vietnam, India, Taiwan and other independent nations shown within China’s borders. This, apparently, as a floating of a trial baloon to see what they can get away with.

    • China is not the only country with map issues.

      The present nationalist government in Hungary promotes “Greater Hungary” policies, with maps of the much wider borders of Hungary, from when it was still a semi-autonomous part of the Habsburg empire:


      Back to Germany: for decades after the second world war, the government of the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) kept printing maps with the borders of Germany as during Hitler’s Third Reich. Not only did they not recognize East Germany; they also did not recognize that the land east of the Oder-Neisse border was Polish now.

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