Iraq war and Tony Blair, new evidence

This video says about itself:

This is a video highlighting the propaganda and lies told by the Bush administration in order to justify the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

These lies included :

– Iraq supported Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups
– Iraq was developing nuclear weapons
– Iraq had huge quantities of chemical and biological weapons
– Iraq had a fleet of unmanned vehicles to deliver these weapons
– Iraq has failed to destroy its chemical and biological weapons
– Iraq attempted to buy uranium from Africa
– Iraq was amassing these weapons to use against the USA and its allies
– The US security services knew where these weapons were
– The insurgency would be short lived
– The US military were wrong about the number of troops required and Bush/Rumsfeld/Cheney knew best

There were plenty of others …

By Rory MacKinnon in England:

Campbell says Blair blocked Iraq war advice

Sunday 24 June 2012

Peace activists demanded that Tony Blair be put back on the witness stand and then in the dock today after his former spin doctor revealed explosive new details about the run-up to the illegal Iraq war.

The disgraced ex-PM barred his attorney general from giving his ministers “nuanced” advice against invading, according to the newly published fourth book of Alastair Campbell‘s diaries.

Mr Campbell wrote that then-attorney general Lord Goldsmith had wanted to “put the reality” of the situation to the Cabinet before Blair blocked his report.

Lord Goldsmith had written a legal opinion to Blair on March 7 2003 stating that there was a “reasonable case” for the war but “also a case to be made the other way.”

Yet less than a week later Lord Goldsmith chopped his opinion to just a single page after Blair‘s staff told him that the PM would “simply say the advice said there was a reasonable case.”

Some estimates put the Iraq war‘s death toll at 1.5 million, including the knock-on effects of destroyed infrastructure and sectarian violence.

And anti-war activists said the fresh revelations meant that Mr Blair, Mr Campbell and Lord Goldsmith must be called back to the Chilcot inquiry into the war, which is now preparing its final report.

Stop the War Coalition‘s Lindsey German said it was a last chance to correct the official history.

“I think that this is yet another piece of evidence that Blair set out to mislead not just the British public but his own Cabinet,” she said.

The fact that it came from “partner-in-crime” Alastair Campbell made it even more damning, she added.

But the world would “never, never, never” forgive Blair, no matter what the inquiry decided: “There will always be people around the world who see him as a war criminal.”

See also here.

Britain: Government lawyers will go to the Court of Appeal tomorrow in a bid to block negligence claims brought on behalf of British soldiers killed and injured by other troops in Iraq: here.

THE PENTAGON SHIPPED LIVE ANTHRAX TO NINE STATES It was supposed to ship dead spores. [AP]

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