Irish protest warmonger Tony Blair

This video is called Blair rakes in money from Iraqi Oil while Middle East Peace Envoy.

From the Irish Examiner:

Anti war group protests Blair book-signing

Thursday, August 26, 2010 – 07:24 AM

Eason’s bookstore is being urged to scrap plans for a book-signing by former British prime minister Tony Blair.

The Galway Alliance Against War is branding Mr Blair as “repulsive” and claims he is “responsible for the deaths of 1.3 million Iraqis“, because “he lied in order to launch the war there“.

A demonstration is being held at Eason’s in Galway in an effort to prevent a planned book-signing at their main branch in Dublin next month from going ahead.

GAAW spokesperson Niall Farrell said: “It would be outrageous and would warrant a drastic response.”

See also here.

Against Blair‘s planned book-signing in London, see here.

Britain: The Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq war faces fresh criticism from campaigners calling for a separate judicial inquiry into Iraqi civilians killed or injured during the conflict: here.

Report: US wasted billions in Iraq rebuilding: here.

Don’t believe Western media figures – many more Iraqis have died: here. And here.

5 thoughts on “Irish protest warmonger Tony Blair

  1. Call to arrest Blair for war crimes

    Ireland: A left-wing republican group called at the weekend for former British prime minister Tony Blair to be arrested for war crimes if he enters the country.

    Eirigi activist Daithi Mac An Mhaistir announced that the group would stage a demonstration outside Eason’s bookshop on O’Connell Street, Dublin at 10am next Saturday, where Mr Blair is scheduled to attend a book signing event.

    Mr Mhaistir said “Tony Blair is a war criminal, with the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians on his hands.”


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