British inquiry suspects Blair of Iraq war lies

This video is about Hans Blix rubbishing Tony Blair on WMD and terrorism.

From daily The Guardian in Britain today:

Tony Blair summoned back to Chilcot inquiry into Iraq war
Members of panel are believed to be concerned about damaging and conflicting evidence revealed since former PM‘s last appearance

Blair and money

Lawyers acting for dozens of Iraqis allegedly tortured by or with the complicity of British forces launched a judicial review today demanding a full public inquiry into the allegations: here.

The weekend’s release by Wikileaks of the Iraq War Logs reveals, for the first time, horrendous detail of the torture and ill-treatment of Iraqis whilst in detention with the Iraqi authorities including the Iraqi National Guard (ING) and Iraqi Police Service (IPS): here.

Bureau of Investigative Journalism talks about Iraq War Logs collaboration: here.

Jeremy Scahill Speaks w/Keith Olbermann about Blackwater, Wikileaks, and Lies of War: here.

Statement by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on Iraq War Logs: here.

16 thoughts on “British inquiry suspects Blair of Iraq war lies

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