Blair government knew Iraq war was illegal

This video from England is about the Iraq Inquiry. Ex-Govt lawyers Sir Michael Wood and Elizabeth Wilmshurst believed the war was illegal.

Britain: A senior government lawyer warned ministers the Iraq war would be illegal but saw his advice ignored, he told the Chilcot inquiry on Tuesday: here.

Tony Blair is guilty of mass murder: here.

The government is attempting to prevent a legitimate peaceful protest outside the QEII conference centre on 29 January when Tony Blair gives evidence to the Iraq inquiry: here.

Former attorney general Lord Goldsmith has admitted that he had given the “green light” for the Iraq war despite originally believing the invasion would be illegal: here.

Blair‘s return to the election campaign will lose Labour votes: here.

Peter Mandelson’s decision to ask Tony Blair to join Labour‘s election campaign will further alienate millions of voters and could cost the party the election, left politicians have warned: here.

Anti-war campaigners have accused the police and government of attempting to prevent lawful protest outside the Iraq inquiry when Tony Blair gives evidence on Friday: here.

Britain: Illegality of Iraq war dominates Chilcot inquiry: here.

Storm of protest as Blair slinks into Iraq inquiry: here. And here. And here.

The Carp of Truth: Jack Straw, Colin Powell and the Smoking Guns of War Crime: here.

George Monbiot: UK Inquiry “Toothless” and “Feeble” in Probing Origins of Iraq War: here.

Another video says about itself:

In an explosive day at the Chilcot inquiry, two of the country’s most senior law officials state that Britain’s decision to go to war in Iraq was illegal.

The hearings held by the inquiry into the war in Iraq, headed by Chairman Sir John Chilcot, have confirmed that the fundamental purpose for which it was convened was to ensure that those responsible for waging an illegal war of aggression are not held to account: here.

Medical records relating to the death of government scientist Dr. David Kelly will be kept secret for 70 years, it was revealed this week: here.

Britain: A mental health charity will urge the government on Thursday to do more to prevent war veterans from plunging into alcoholism, crime and suicide: here.

In Armored, a struggling Iraq war veteran gets a job as a guard with an armored car company and agrees to take part in a heist planned by his co-workers: here.

21 thoughts on “Blair government knew Iraq war was illegal

  1. Blair arrives early for Iraq grilling

    By Gavin Cordon, Sam Marsden and Mark Bulstrode, Press Association

    Friday, 29 January 2010

    Tony Blair arrived early for his highly-anticipated appearance at the Iraq Inquiry today as he prepared to be grilled on why he took Britain to war.

    The former prime minister – who left Downing Street two and a half years ago – avoided protesters, entering the inquiry venue by a cordoned-off rear entrance.

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    * Armando Iannucci: It’s time for Chilcot’s team to flex their ageing muscles
    * Nawal Fenwick: I believed nothing could be worse than Saddam’s regime. I was wrong
    * Adrian Hamilton: It was the war itself that was wrong
    * Vital documents remain secret

    His account of how he came to support US President George Bush’s invasion of Iraq in March 2003 – despite massive opposition – will be watched keenly around the world.

    Mr Blair arrived at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, opposite the Houses of Parliament, at about 7.30am – two hours before the hearing was due to begin.

    In six hours of evidence, he will be asked when he committed Britain to overthrowing Saddam Hussein, whether he leaned on Attorney General Lord Goldsmith to agree it was legal and whether he manipulated intelligence about Iraq’s supposed weapons of mass destruction.

    Lindsey German, convener of the Stop The War Coalition, said she was “appalled” Mr Blair had been driven into the centre by a back entrance.

    Speaking outside the centre, she said: “He doesn’t have the decency or honesty to face up to the public, military families and Iraqis who will be here today in huge numbers to show their opposition to the war.

    “He does not have the integrity to come and face the people.

    “Sliding in by a back door entrance is typical of his lies, deceit and evasion.”

    Andrew Murray, chairman of the anti-war group, said: “This cowardly and deceitful entrance is typical of how the former prime minister sold the war to the country – behind the backs of the public.”

    Opinion remains sharply divided over whether ousting Saddam’s brutal regime was justified given the enormous human and financial cost.

    Mr Blair was accused of misleading Parliament to take the UK into war and some critics even called for him to be indicted for war crimes.

    The inquiry has already heard evidence suggesting that Mr Blair agreed to join the US-led invasion nearly a year before it began.

    Alastair Campbell, the former prime minister’s communications director, said Mr Blair sent Mr Bush secret messages in 2002 assuring him that Britain would “be there” if it came to military action.

    And the former British ambassador to Washington, Sir Christopher Meyer, said it appeared that an agreement was “signed in blood” by Mr Blair and Mr Bush at the President’s ranch in Crawford, Texas, in April 2002.

    Previous witnesses to the inquiry also raised serious questions about the legality of the war.

    Lord Goldsmith revealed on Wednesday that he advised Mr Blair in January 2003 that it would not be lawful to attack Iraq without a further UN Security Council resolution.

    It was not until February 27, less than a month before the invasion began, that the former Attorney General finally gave the legal “green light” for military action.

    But the senior legal adviser at the Foreign Office, Sir Michael Wood, told the inquiry he warned then-foreign secretary Jack Straw that military action without another UN resolution would be a “crime of aggression”.

    Mr Blair is also likely to be quizzed about comments he made in a BBC interview last month.

    He told TV presenter Fern Britton he believed it would still have been right to invade Iraq even if it was known at the time that Saddam did not have the weapons of mass destruction which were the pretext for the war.

    Unconfirmed reports suggest the former prime minister has been staying up into the early hours studying documents from the time of the war to prepare himself for his appearance.

    More than 3,000 members of the public applied for one of 80 places to see Mr Blair give evidence live in the inquiry chamber – 40 in the morning and 40 in the afternoon.

    Twenty seats in the room were set aside for the families of service personnel who died in the Iraq conflict.

    Other places were allocated in an overspill room inside the conference centre for the public to watch the former premier give his testimony on a video screen.

    The session will be streamed on the inquiry’s website, .


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