10 thoughts on “US veterans hurt by fireworks

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  2. On “Suicide crisis mounts for US soldiers and veterans“

    Thank you for writing on this issue. I would like to point out that missing from nearly every article on military suicide is the unknown “hidden and unreported” number of reserve, guard and inactive reserve component members of the military who are at much higher risk. Active duty members can access care on or off base 24/7 and it is paid for. Reserve members are more frequently uninsured due to high unemployment and nearly always isolated from their military peers (a very important support group).

    The Military Suicide Report
    16 July 2012



  3. Aug 16, 1:51 PM EDT

    Army suicides doubled last month from June’s total

    AP National Security Writer

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Army says suicides among active-duty soldiers more than doubled in July from the month before.

    That marks an acceleration of a military-wide trend this year that has caused Pentagon leaders to step up their search for solutions to a problem that has worsened in 2012 as the pace of combat has eased.

    The Army had 26 suicides in July among active-duty soldiers, compared to 12 in June. In May it had 16.

    Among Army Reserve soldiers not on active duty, there were 12 suicides in July – the same as in June.

    For the first seven months of 2012, the Army has recorded 116 suicides among active-duty soldiers. If that pace were maintained through December the year’s total would approach 200, compared to 167 for all of 2011.

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