British soldiers’ murder of Iraqi civilian

This video is called UK troops slammed over Iraqi’s death in custody.

By Paddy McGuffin in Britain:

Mousa death doctor faces GMC probe

Wednesday 06 June 2012

An army medic is to face a General Medical Concil hearing next week for his role in the 2003 death of Iraqi hotelier Baha Mousa.

Dr Derek Keilloh is to face a six week General Medical Council fitness to practice panel beginning on June 11.

Baha Mousa died on September 15 2003 after three days of abuse at the hands of members of the of 1st Queen’s Lancashire Regiment based at Battle Group Main, close to Basra.

Post-mortem results showed that he had sustained 93 different external injuries including “multiple bruises and grazes situated on the head, neck and torso and the upper and lower limbs.”

The inquiry into his death, presided over by Sir William Gage, found that he had died following an “appalling episode of violence.”

Dr Keilloh was the regimental medical officer at Battle Group Main and was responsible for the welfare of Mr Mousa and the other Iraqi civilians detained with him.

The medic, from Aberdeen, faces a misconduct hearing over allegations that he failed to ensure written records were made of medical examinations of civilian detainees.

Dr Keilloh faces allegations of failing to conduct an adequate examination of the body after death and failing to notify a superior officer of the circumstances of the death.

Two other cases of not recording injuries, and therefore failing to safeguard the physical condition of detainees, will also be considered.

It is also alleged that on September 17 2003 Dr Keilloh made untrue witness statements regarding injuries to the three detainees and maintained these accounts in interview under caution, in evidence at a court martial and subsequently at the Baha Mousa inquiry.

Phil Shiner, solicitor at Public Interest Lawyers – who act for Baha Mousa‘s father Colonel Daoud Mousa – said: “I was shocked when I heard this doctor’s evidence. He had no regard at all for Baha Mousa‘s wellbeing.

“If the GMC conclude that he is fit to practice, in the light of this most compelling of evidence against him, I will eat my copy of the three volumes of Sir William Gage’s report.”

See also here.

The US Senate foreign relations committee said today that it is planning a continuing military presence of 13,500 troops in Kuwait even after the projected withdrawal from Iraq: here.
UPDATE: here.

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