Tony Blair defends fraudulent bankers

Tony Blair at the Iraq war inquiry, cartoon

The New Statesman in Britain today brought to my attention an article in the Conservative British Daily Telegraph:

Tuesday 24 July 2012

Tony Blair: hanging bankers won’t help

Public anger over the financial crisis is wrong and must not lead Britain to “hang bankers at the end of the street,” Tony Blair says today.

In the literal sense, I can agree, not with the first part, but with the second part of this sentence by war criminal and money grabber Tony Blair. As I oppose the death penalty (contrary to Blair). Fraudulent banking fat cats who ruin the lives of many people should have fair trials and, if found guilty, be jailed and/or fined. The same is true for war criminals like Tony Blair.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, the former prime minister launches a defence of the free market and liberal economic rules established by the Thatcher government.

The approach promoted by Baroness Thatcher’s government is not to blame for the recent financial and economic crisis, Mr Blair says, warning against taking vengeance on bankers and increasing State intervention in the private sector.

We must not start thinking that society will be better off “if we hang 20 bankers at the end of the street”, Mr Blair says.

Big international banks are still the focus of public and political attacks for what critics say was their role in causing the financial crisis.

Mr Blair cautions against letting that anger lead to regulations that could reverse Lady Thatcher’s work to reduce government involvement in free markets.

He says: “Don’t take 30 years of liberalisation, beginning under Mrs Thatcher, and say this is what caused the financial crisis.”

Senior figures from the main parties have suggested that the crisis and alleged wrongdoing of banks such as Barclays should lead to tougher controls on banks.

Mr Blair challenges those calls, and says: “We mustn’t go back to the State running everything.”

That remark may be seen as a warning to Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, to avoid advocating Left-wing interventionist policies.

Instead of seeking to change laws and regulations, Mr Blair says that politicians must examine cultural norms. “We must regain the basic values of what society is about,” he says. “We’re not against wealth, but we are in favour of social responsibility.”

Mr Blair’s intervention is likely to prove controversial because of his commercial interests since leaving Downing Street five years ago. He is an adviser to JP Morgan, a US investment bank;

JP Morgan is heavily involved in various fraud scandals

Zurich, a Swiss financial firm; and has clients, including several governments, which are said to deliver an annual income of about £20 million.

In the interview, Mr Blair indicates that he is looking for a way to re-enter British public life and discusses his ambitions for taking an international political job.

“I’d like to find a form of intervening in debates,” Mr Blair says, adding that his experiences since quitting as prime minister have given him valuable insights.

Mr Blair will speak in a debate about the role of religion today.

Blair’s official religion used to be the Church of England, which condemned Blair’s Iraq war. Then he converted to the Roman Catholic Church, which opposed the Iraq war as well. Blair’s real religion is the worship of money and war.

Tony Blair: Labour government was partly responsible for financial crisis: here.

Ex-chairman of Anglo Irish Bank, Sean Fitzpatrick, arrested over financial irregularities. Details soon: here.

Barclays Reveals New Probe and More U.S. Libor Lawsuits: here.

Barclays boss Jerry del Missier has walked off with £8.75 million despite admitting illegally rigging Libor interest rates: here.

From the Stop the War Coalition in Britain:

London Tuesday 24 July: Protest when Tony Blair speaks at Central Hall Westminster

HOT NEWS: Tony Blair breaks cover
Stop the Tony Blair Comeback
Protest Tuesday 24 July 4pm-6pm
Central Hall Westminster
Storey’s Gate, Westminster
London SW1H 9NH
Nearest Tube Westminster or St James’s Park MAP here.
TONY BLAIR in conversation with:
Rowan Williams
Archibishop of Canterbury
Charles Moore
Former editor of The Daily Telegraph

The Tony Blair rehabilitation campaign, orchestrated by fellow war criminal Alistair Campbell, is now well under way.

But Blair and his acolytes are running scared of anti-war protests whenever he tries to show his face in public. So they keep secret the venue for his public appearances until a matter of hours before the event. No doubt also for fear of attempts to make a citizen’s arrest for war crimes. There is a £2,500 reward for anyone attempting an arrest. See

Stop the War is commited to making sure that Blair’s monumental war crimes are not forgiven or forgotten. We will call protests every time he appears in public, speaking as if hundreds of thousands of Iraqis did not die due to the illegal war which he took Britain into on a raft of lies.

Join the protest at Central Hall Westminster on Tuesday 24 July, 4pm-6pm. Please spread the word a widely as you can.

SEE ALSO: Never let them bury the truth about Tony Blair.

Human rights and anti-war activists confronted the latest attempt to “rehabilitate” Tony Blair today as the former PM appeared at a central London forum on Religion in Public Life: here.

Robert Reich, Robert Reich’s Blog: “If any single person is responsible for Wall Street banks becoming too big to fail it’s Sandy Weill…. Weill created the business model that Wall Street uses to this day – unleashing traders to make big, risky bets with other people’s money that deliver gigantic bonuses when they turn out well and cost taxpayers dearly when they don’t. And Weill made a fortune – as did all the other executives and traders”: here.

The UK Conservative/Liberal Democrat government this week announced the terms of a review into the deepening London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor) crisis: here.


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