Bahrain, modern slave trade center

This video is called Sex slavery of 7 year old girls… – Saudi Arabia Trafficking In Persons Report.

From the Bahrain Center for Human Rights:

Bahrain in the Trafficking in Persons Report 2012

a report by the United States State Department

June 2012

BAHRAIN (Tier 2 Watch List)

Bahrain is a destination country for men and women subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking. Men and women from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Ethiopia, and Eritrea migrate voluntarily to Bahrain to work as domestic workers or as unskilled laborers in the construction and service industries. Some, however, face conditions of forced labor after arriving in Bahrain, through the use of such practices as unlawful withholding of passports, restrictions on movement, contract substitution, nonpayment of wages, threats, and physical or sexual abuse.

NGOs report that Bangladeshi unskilled workers are in particularly high demand in Bahrain and are considered exploitable since they do not typically protest difficult work conditions or low pay. Domestic workers are also considered to be highly vulnerable to forced labor and sexual exploitation because they are not protected under the labor law. Government and NGO officials report that abuse and sexual assault of domestic workers are significant problems in Bahrain; however, strict confinement to the household and intimidation by employers prevent these workers from reporting abuse. A study by the Bahrain government’s Labor Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) found that 65 percent of migrant workers had not seen their employment contract and that 89 percent were unaware of their terms of employment upon arrival in Bahrain.

Many labor recruitment agencies in Bahrain and source countries require workers to pay high recruitment fees – a practice that makes workers highly vulnerable to forced labor once in Bahrain. The LMRA study found that 70 percent of foreign workers borrowed money or sold property in their home countries in order to secure a job in Bahrain.

Some Bahraini employers illegally charge workers exorbitant fees to remain in Bahrain working for third-party employers (under the “free visa” arrangement). In previous years, the LMRA has estimated that approximately 10 percent of migrant workers were in Bahrain under illegal “free visa” arrangements – a practice that can contribute to debt bondage – while the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry puts the figure at 25 percent. Women from Thailand, the Philippines, Morocco, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Russia, Ukraine, China, Vietnam, and Eastern European states are subjected to forced prostitution in Bahrain.

Bahrain: The body of an Indian worker who committed suicide will be cremated in the country.

Saudi Arabia destination for human trafficking, “forced prostitution”: here.

A Filipino domestic worker won permission today to take her fight for permanent residency in Hong Kong to its top court: here.

Bahrain Snap Analysis: When Police Attack Marchers Who Carry Flowers: here.

Bahrain – Protests Violently Dispersed – Doctors Imprisoned: here.

Bahrain shouldn’t pass new laws to regulate social media. Attempting to add regulations to social media networks is a step in the wrong direction for Bahrain: here.

Bahrain Propaganda 101: How the Gulf Daily News “Stitched Up” the US Ambassador: here.

Bahrain Prosecutes Abused Human Rights Lawyer on International Day for Torture Victims: here.

Bahraini blogger still missing a year after trial of activists and government opponents: here.

For a while, the king of Bahrain gave the impression he wanted to improve the human rights situation in his country. A study raised hopes of improvement, but they were soon dashed: here.

Bahrain: Police Attack Peaceful Protest: here.

Bahrain: Free Injured Protesters for Urgent Medical Care: here.

The US-backed Bahraini dictatorship of King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa on June 14 upheld jail sentences of up to five years for medics rounded up during fierce repression of anti-government protests in 2011: here.

Photo essay “No Madam” showcases Lebanon’s ‘uncomfortable’ maid culture: here.

28 thoughts on “Bahrain, modern slave trade center

  1. Friday, June 22, 2012

    Bahrain opposition leader injured in protest

    The Associated Press

    MANAMA, Bahrain — Bahrain’s main opposition bloc says riot police firing rubber bullets have injured the head of the Shiite majority’s main political bloc while trying to break up protests in the country’s capital.

    A statement from Al Wefaq says the organization’s secretary-general Sheik Ali Salman was shot in the shoulder and back during demonstrations in Manama, which are common following Friday prayers. It did not say how seriously he was injured.

    The statement said Hassan al-Marzooq, another opposition leader, was shot and wounded in the chest. It said he was still bleeding.

    Bahrain has experienced near daily protests for 16 months caused by an uprising by the kingdom’s Shiite majority seeking greater political rights from the Western-backed Sunni monarchy.


    June 22, 2012 01:41 PM EDT


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