Bahrain dictatorship continues oppression

This video is called Bahrain doctors .. jailed for treatment.

From Human Rights First:

Bahrain to Announce Additional Verdicts in Medics Cases

For Immediate Release: July 3, 2012

Washington, DC – Tomorrow, July 4, another 28 Bahraini medics are expected to hear verdicts in their cases with decisions that could carry sentences of up to three years in jail. The medics were prosecuted for treating injured protestors last year. Some of them spoke to the international media, giving details of the violent government crackdown.

“These medics have been targeted for doing their job, telling the world what was happening, or just for being perceived as associated with the protests,” said Human Rights First’s Brian Dooley, who attended a March 11, 2012, trial session in this case. “The charge sheets include ‘crimes’ such as inciting hatred against the regime and taking part in an illegal gathering. They were just doing their jobs as medics.”

Also from Huma Rights First:

Bahrain Escalates Attacks on Civil Society


By Brian Dooley
Human Rights Defenders

Prominent members of civil society groups in Bahrain continue to be targets of harassment and abuseas the regime shows little sign of delivering human rights reforms.

This week, leading journalist Reem Khalifa was apparently targeted by the security forces. An activist told Human Rights First that on June 29 three Bahraini police cars stopped suddenly, positively identified her, and threw a stun grenade directly at her. Last year she received death threats because of her reporting.

11-year-old ‘protester’ on trial in Bahrain: here.

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