Hungarian regime introduces forced labour

This video is called Forced labour: ITUC World Day for Decent Work.

By Markus Salzmann:

Hungarian government agrees to forced labor for the unemployed

21 July 2011

Based on its two-thirds majority the ruling Fidesz party led by Prime Minister Victor Orban passed a law in the Hungarian Parliament on 11 July requiring the unemployed to undertake forced labor. Those who refuse to carry out such compulsory forms of work will lose all entitlement to benefits. This so-called “Hungarian labor plan” is the latest in a new round of brutal attacks on the Hungarian population carried out by Orban, and accompanied by a further strengthening of authoritarian state structures.

The labor plan will result in 225 million euros savings annually for the government and in turn facilitate a massive reduction in national wage levels. The payment paid for those undertaking the forced labor is based on the social assistance rate of 28,500 forints (110 euros) per month, i.e. a sum which is less than half the monthly minimum wage of 78,000 forints.

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