Greek government violates women’s privacy

This video says about itself:

Sappho the Ancient Greek poet, muse and claimed by some as the worlds first feminist, became a gay icon for women. Soon her birthplace, Lesbos, was adopted as a name for gay women all over the world.

This video from the USA is called Xena – Sappho’s Love Ode.

It is inspired by this poem by ancient Greek poetess Sappho from Lesbos island; translated by Edith Wharton:

That man seems to me peer of gods, who sits in thy presence, and hears close to him thy sweet speech and lovely laughter; that indeed makes my heart flutter in my bosom. For when I see thee but a little, I have no utterance left, my tongue is broken down, and straightway a subtle fire has run under my skin, with my eyes I have no sight, my ears ring, sweat pours down, and a trembling seizes all my body; I am paler than grass, and seem in my madness little better than one dead. But I must dare all, since one so poor …

By Tom Mellen:

Greece publishes HIV-positive data

Thursday 03 May 2012

A coalition of human rights groups blasted Greek authorities on Wednesday for publishing personal details of 12 HIV-positive women who allegedly worked as prostitutes.

Their names, photographs and medical records were released on the official website of the Greek police, which accused the women of intentionally causing serious bodily harm.

Athens said they were among 17 HIV-positive women arrested in recent days during a crackdown on unlicensed brothels.

A coalition of rights groups including HIV-supporters group Positive Voice said it was unclear whether the women – some of whom were from Russia and eastern Europe – were aware they had HIV.

“This is an appalling violation of human rights and medical confidentiality – an unprecedented action of stigmatisation,” they declared in a statement.

The organisations warned that putting the womens’ names and photographs in the public domain would “fuel a culture of discrimination not only against HIV-positive individuals, but against specific vulnerable groups such as migrants, women, and prostitutes.”

Prostitution is legal in Greece, but only a fraction of brothels are believed to operate with a license.

Authorities recently toughened Aids testing laws for prostitution in response to a sharp rise in Aids cases last year.

The women were among 130 women screened for the Aids virus by the state-run Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP), which says that 954 new HIV infections were reported in 2011, a 57 per cent increase from the previous year.

The CDCP says that the number of cases involving drug users increased 15-fold in 2011 to 241 and that they are concerned about the overlap between drug use and illegal prostitution.

Health Minister Andreas Loverdos warned of a rise in cases of men pressuring prostitutes to have sex with them without a condom with offers of more cash.

“This is an exploded bomb. It is a problem that should have been limited but it now involves Greek society. It’s a problem that we cannot erase but only try to contain.”

Greece is the busiest transit point for gangsters trafficking vulnerable women into the European Union from the former socialist bloc.

German Finance Minister Threatens Greek Voters 36 Hours Before the Elections: here.

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