Thai women in Bahraini forced prostitution

This video is called WikiLeaks: Sex slavery of young girls in Saudi Arabia.

From The Nation in Thailand:

Thai women in Bahrain calls for rescue from forced prostitution: 191 police

August 17, 2012 1:59 pm

The spokesman of 191 emergency police said Friday that the division has received an urgent call from a Thai woman who claimed to be detained in Bahrain along with nine others to be forced to prostitution.

Pol Col Sanpisit Yaemkesorn said an operator of the 191 division received a phone call from a woman who said she was detained in a house opposite from the French embassy in Bahrain.

The woman said they would be forced into prostitution at the end of Ramadan and called for an emergency rescue.

Sanpisit said the 191 police checked and found that the woman had real identy so the 191 had contacted other government agencies concerned to stage a rescue operation.

Sanpisit said the 191 division received a phone call from the same woman, saying her group had not been rescued yet.

The woman expressed fear that the woman trafficking gang had an infiltrator in the Thai embassy in Bahrain and she feared that they would be moved elsewhere soon.

12 thoughts on “Thai women in Bahraini forced prostitution

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  3. The Bahraini prime minister might have something to say about this. He also might be able to answer how he is the owner of the Seashell hotel, which has a lot of Thai women ‘guests’ who stay there for months.


      • yes, and is the currently the longest serving prime minister in all countries in the world. There will be a big fight when he is gone – he wants his son to be prime minister, and the king doesn’t. Prime minister is very corrupt and not worried about violence. To anybody.


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