Berlusconi in sex with minor scandal

31 October 2010.

While Italian media tycoon cum Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi censors eighteenth century art because of nudity … and authorizes mayors of his Right wing party to ban miniskirts and low-cut dressesBerlusconi himself is in one sex scandal (apart from other scandals) after another.

This account of today is from The Australian, owned by Rupert Murdoch (originally from the Sunday Times in England, also owned by Murdoch). Right wingers and billionaires Murdoch and Berlusconi used to be pals; until they quarreled about Italian commercial media money.

From The Australian:

‘Orgy’ scandal puts Silvio Berlusconi at risk

* November 01, 2010 12:00AM

AN account by an under-age nightclub dancer of an alleged erotic after-dinner party at his home has plunged Silvio Berlusconi into a new scandal.

Mr Berlusconi, 74, is reported to have invited Karima Keyek, 17 – better known as Ruby – to three parties at his opulent villa near Milan this year and to have showered her with presents of cash, jewellery and an Audi sports car.

Ruby, a 177cm-tall Moroccan, has testified that one of these parties included “bunga-bunga” – a form of orgy. The party supposedly featured a naked Mr Berlusconi and 20 female guests, also naked. Ruby has denied having sex with the Prime Minister and said she lied to him about her age.

Although he has weathered previous scandals, this case comes at a vulnerable time for the Prime Minister. He has been weakened by corruption investigations into ministers and his coalition is at the mercy of a breakaway by former ally Gianfranco Fini, which could rob him of his parliamentary majority.

The scandal broke last week when Italian newspapers leaked Ruby’s testimony to prosecutors, who have placed three acquaintances of Mr Berlusconi under investigation on suspicion of abetting prostitution. They are Emilio Fede, a newsreader on one of the Prime Minister’s television channels; Lele Mora, a hairdresser turned show business agent; and Nicole Minetti, a showgirl turned regional councillor.

In Ruby’s account to prosecutors, revealed by La Repubblica, the Rome newspaper, Mr Fede allegedly drove her to Mr Berlusconi’s Villa San Martino on Valentine’s Day. She was greeted by a “very courteous” Mr Berlusconi.

Mr Berlusconi and Mr Fede were reportedly the only men present. Ruby has named the 20 or so female guests but the names have yet to emerge. They are believed to include two government ministers and television presenters, showgirls and prostitutes. She left after dinner with a black-and-white dress with Swarovski crystals, designed by Valentino, which she says Mr Berlusconi had given her.

The following month Ruby returned to the villa, again with Mr Fede. Mr Berlusconi is said to have asked her to stay the night and, she claimed, showed her an Audi R8, worth more than $130,000, parked outside. “It’s for you,” he told her.

After dinner came “bunga-bunga” which she reportedly described so graphically – “what was being done and who was doing it” – that she astonished the prosecutors. “Silvio told me that he’d copied that formula from Muammar Gaddafi (the Libyan leader). It’s a ritual of his African harem,” Ruby said.

Mr Fede has said he had “perhaps” seen Ruby a couple of times at dinners at the villa and denied any wrongdoing.

A business associate of Mr Berlusconi reportedly gave Ruby about $7000 after each of her visits.

See also here. And here. And here. And here.

According to this site, Berlusconi lied to Italian police about the issue:

She claims he showered her with gifts of Rolex watches and Bulgari, Damiani and Dolce&Gabbana jewellery and clothes as well as over 150,000 euros in cash. He said he would buy her a beauty parlour and told Ruby to say she was the niece of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, the newspaper reports cited her as saying.

Ruby was part of a circle of aspiring models and actresses who were allegedly introduced to Berlusconi by a prominent show business agent, Lele Mora, and by prominent TV host Emilio Fede. Fede is 79.

The undocumented Moroccan teenager was picked up several times by police, suspected of theft and burglary. But each time, she was allegedly released after police received a call from the Italian cabinet office saying she was Mubarak’s niece.

Berlusconi is not just a hypocrite for publicly imposing conservative “chastity” on women, while privately having sex parties with minor girls.

Also, “Ruby”, being Moroccan, is from a mainly Muslim country. In this way, Berlusconi shows how hypocritical his Islamophobic propaganda is.

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has dismissed calls to resign over reports he helped a teenage girl who attended parties at his house, saying it was ‘better to like beautiful girls than to be gay’: here. And here.

Britain: It was on November 2 1960 that a jury acquitted Penguin books of a charge of obscenity for publishing DH Lawrence‘s novel Lady Chatterley’s Lover: here. And here.

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  1. Administrator on December 2, 2010 at 7:31 pm said:

    Opposition party boycotts election

    EGYPT: The top two opposition groups pulled out of parliamentary elections on Wednesday after they were all but wiped out in a first round of voting.

    The election boycott by the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood – the country’s strongest opposition force – and the smaller, secular Wafd party is a surprise response to widespread allegations of fraud and a blow to this top US ally’s efforts to portray itself as a liberal democracy.

    Egypt’s government has staunchly defended the fairness of last Sunday’s election, despite reports by independent rights groups of blatant rigging in favour of the ruling National Democratic Party.


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