Italian film director Moretti exposes Silvio Berlusconi

Bush and Berlusconi cartoonBy Richard Phillips:

Nanni Moretti’s The Caiman: in the end, a chilling exposure of Berlusconi

27 December 2006

The Caiman, directed by Nanni Moretti

Nanni Moretti’s The Caiman (Il Caimano) is an eclectic and at times frustrating movie which satirises former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, makes some limited observations about the Italian film and television industry, and explores the personal and professional crisis of a C-grade filmmaker.

Moretti is a household name in contemporary Italian cinema, having produced a number of popular but lightweight social-comedic observations.

These include, I’m Self Sufficient (1976), Ecce Bombo (1978), The Mass Is Ended (1985), Red Lob (1990), The Thing (1990), Dear Diary (1994) and April (1998).

The caption in the cartoon here refers to Republican gay bashing gay prostitute and fake journalist Jim Guckert, aka ‘Jeff Gannon‘.

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