Italian Berlusconi suspect of bribery, sex with minors again

This video says about itself:

Italy: court reveals reasons behind Berlusconi‘s conviction in ‘Ruby’ case

21 November 2013

Proof that former Italy prime minister Silvio Berlusconi paid for sex with dancer Karima El Marough.

Translated from Dutch ANP news agency:

Berlusconi has to stand trial again in ‘Ruby’ case

January 28, 2017 15:44

Italian ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi has to stand trial again in the ‘Ruby’ case, the Milan court has decided this Saturday.

Berlusconi is accused of bribery because he is said to have paid for months 22 girls implicated in the bunga-bunga affair to testify favourably for him in the first Ruby court case.

Witnesses said they just had “elegant parties” during the evenings in the villa of the former prime minister.

According to the prosecution Berlusconi has paid a total of nearly 10 million euros. Moroccan Karima El Marough (Ruby) is said to have received approximately 7 million from the former prime minister.

In March 2015 Berlusconi was cleared of the suspicion of having had paid sex with the then underage Ruby. That decision was partly based on statements of these witnesses.

Former Italy PM Berlusconi to stand trial in sex bribery case: here.

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