Stop anti-democratic violence in Egypt

Egyptian Army Storm Tahrir Square from Tom Dale on Vimeo.

Egypt: Call for global solidarity after 16 Dec army attack on protesters

Posted on December 18, 2011

Protesters against military rule in Egypt have appealed for global demonstrations against the latest brutal assault led by the Egyptian army on the sit-ins at the Cabinet Offices and Tahrir Square in Cairo on 16 December 2011.

By 18 December 10 people had been killed and hundreds injured in the attack. Solidarity protests were beginning to spread across Egypt and worldwide in response.

Please mobilise urgently to demand that Egypt’s military rulers immediately stop attacking protesters. Call on governments worldwide, and especially the Mubarak regime’s main backers, the USA, UK and other western states, halt arms sales to Egypt and end their financial and material support for the repressive apparatus of the Egyptian regime.

What you can do:

1. Organise or join protests outside Egyptian embassies worldwide. See below for details of global solidarity action. Send reports and pictures of protests to or post on facebook here:

2. Organise a solidarity statement and collect signatures. Send or deliver to the Egyptian embassy in your country and send copies to or post on facebook here:

3. Share and translate reports of the military attack on the protesters to help counter the lies being put out by Egyptian state media. Follow @3arabawy on Twitter and see Ahram Online’s website for detailed coverage.

Global solidarity actions for protesters against military rule in Egypt
Latest update: 18 December 5pm

Protest at the Egyptian Embassy, London
Saturday 17 December 4-7pm

Protests are continuing daily 4-7pm

Protest at the Egyptian Embassy, Clyde Rd, Dublin
Monday 19 December, 5-6 pm
supported by Irish Anti War Movement


Toronto protest against military rule in Egypt

Monday, December 19 at 5pm, Yonge Dundas Square

200 Victoria Street, Toronto, ON M5B1Y7

Soldiers in riot gear charged into Cairo’s Tahrir Square today and opened fire on protesters, killing at least three: here.

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