Rupert Murdoch divorcing

Rupert Murdoch and his wife Wendi Deng, before the divorce. Photograph by Matt Sayles/AP

In the end, even the wife of Italian big media and other big business tycoon/politician Silvio Berlusconi became sick of her criminal husband and divorced him.

Now, Rupert Murdoch, once a crony of Berlusconi, later his bitter rival, is divorcing as well.

In the case of phone hacker in chief and burglar in chief Murdoch, it looks like the divorce is Rupert’s idea, not wife Wendi Deng‘s. Probably, Rupert thought that at 44, “only” 38 years younger than himself, Ms Deng was “too old” for a crook’s trophy wife; and he wanted a minor, like ex-crony, now-rival, Berlusconi.

What a sad day for Tony Blair, the godfather to the children of this third Murdoch marriage (“godfather” not only in the usual sense; also in the Mafia movie sense).

This satirical take on the divorce is from The New Yorker in the USA:

June 13, 2013

Murdoch Divorce Stuns Satan

Posted by Andy Borowitz

HELL (The Borowitz Report)—Word that the News Corporation chief executive Rupert Murdoch has filed for divorce from his wife, Wendi Deng, came as a “total surprise” to longtime Murdoch confidant Satan, the Lord of the Underworld said today.

“I am totally blindsided by this,” Satan told reporters. “He and I talk every day.”

Citing his long history with the media titan, the Hound of Hell said, “We go way back. I gave him the idea for Fox News. I told him to hire Roger Ailes. That’s why this is such a shock.”

A frequent dining companion of the Murdochs, Satan said he “didn’t have a clue that they were having problems.”

“I’ve had dozens of dinners with them in the Hamptons,” he said. “Did they bicker? No more than other couples. But they seemed to be on the same page about all the important things, like creating corrupt media monopolies and buying politicians. I thought they were for keeps.”

Adding that he “cares deeply about his friends,” Satan said the news about the Murdochs had hit him especially hard: “I was just starting to get over the Putins.”

The Prince of Darkness said he first got word of the Murdoch divorce about an hour before the official announcement: “My banker at Goldman Sachs called and told me to sell my News Corp. stock right away.”

Roger Ailes Offered Employee A Raise In Exchange For Sex, New Book Claims: here.

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