4 thoughts on “British Conservative corruption exposed by Murdoch

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  3. Labour looks to Murdoch

    The Murdoch press seems intent on punishing the Tories for not keeping the lid on the hacking scandal.

    The Sunday Times dealt the government a devastating blow with its “cash for access” revelations. The Sun has ferociously condemned Osborne’s budget as a budget for the rich.

    In the most blatant way possible, Murdoch is showing the politicians what he can do to them if they cross him.

    And what is the Labour Party response to this? Ed Balls has had an article in the Sun condemning the budget.

    Murdoch is warning the Tories that if they are not careful, the next general election might well see the Murdoch press backing Labour once again.

    And despite everything that has happened over the past months, after all the revelations of criminality and corruption, the Labour leadership are still prepared to embrace the Sun.

    If ever there was a time to finish Murdoch once and for all, now is it. Once again, Labour is half-hearted, compromised and not sure what side it is on and the danger is that the opportunity will be let slip.

    John Newsinger, Leicester


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