More Murdoch scandals

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From AMERICAblog in the USA:

Friday, November 04, 2011

Murdoch’s paper may have hacked nearly 5,800 celebrities, politicians, athletes, more

By John Aravosis (DC) on 11/04/2011 08:00:00 AM

This is very interesting with an election year coming up here in the states. So far we’ve not heard any connection to Murdoch‘s properties here in the US, FOX and the Wall Street Journal. But it’s hard to imagine that the growing scandal won’t impact those operations at some point, if just to throw them somewhat into turmoil in terms of their leadership. From the Daily Mail:

“Nearly 5,800 celebrities, politicians, sports stars and others may have been targeted in the News of the World hacking scandal, it was claimed last night.

The latest figures suggest the practice was far more widespread than has previously been admitted.”

One of the problems that both Fox and the WSJ are going to have is with their respective reputations. At some point, this scandal may so weaken the Murdoch brand that a news operation (even a fake one like Fox) can longer afford to be part of a media family that includes a burgeoning criminal conspiracy. Democrats should be doing more in this country to use this scandal to tar the overall Murdoch brand.

From daily The Guardian in Britain, on another daily paper of the Murdoch empire:

Man arrested over alleged police payments named as Sun journalist

Reporter arrested over alleged payments to police officers believed to be paper’s district editor, Jamie Pyatt

Lisa O’Carroll

Friday 4 November 2011 14.56 GMT

Murdoch gave loyal lieutenant Rebekah Brooks £1.7m pay-off, car and office. News International chairman may face questions in Commons over generous severance deal despite phone-hacking scandal: here.

8 thoughts on “More Murdoch scandals

  1. Police seize journo for corruption

    NEWS INTERNATIONAL: Police investigating allegations of illegal payments to officers by News International (NI) staff arrested a journalist today.

    The man’s identity has not been revealed but he is understood to be a current NI employee.

    The journalist was arrested at about 10.30am at an address outside London in connection with allegations of corruption and was taken to a south-west London police station.


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