Swedish nazis attack ‘degenerate art’

This video is called Degenerate Art – 1993, The Nazis vs. Expressionism.

From The Art Newspaper:

No sex please, we’re Swedish

Nationalists call for a return to tradition

By Clemens Bomsdorf

Published online 28 Oct 10

LUND. The first members of the right-wing nationalist Sweden Democrats (SD) party to be elected to the country’s parliament are attacking the government’s cultural policy. They are demanding that instead of supporting exhibitions of abstract or conceptual art the state should focus on cultural history.

“Taxes are being spent on exhibitions that the public is not interested in, for example non-figurative art. Instead we should focus on values that create a feeling of togetherness,”

“Aryans” only togetherness, of course. Except, also of course, togetherness with gays, communists, social democrats, homeless, feminists, etc. etc. [sarcasm off]

Erik Almqvist, a spokesman for the SD [told] The Art Newspaper. He is one of 20 SD candidates who won seats at the September election. Before that the SD was only represented at local level.

In 2007 Almqvist argued against a Lund museum showing Andres Serrano’s exhibition “A History of Sex”. “These works are pure pornography and I have difficulty identifying them as art. We are subsidising a cultural elite. Instead, the money should be put into exhibitions people want to see,” he said at the time. The exhibition went ahead but was attacked by right-wing extremists.

“The SD has a populist view of art and might be able to influence the public debate quite heavily”, Sune Nordgren, former director of The Baltic in Gateshead said. Sweden’s governing Alliance party, a coalition of four centre-right parties, is two seats short of a majority, so smaller parties such as the SD are gaining influence. Nordgren says controversial art was already becoming more difficult to exhibit since the Alliance came to power in 2006.

“The Christian Democrats and the Liberal People’s Party from the coalition partly echo the view of the SD,” said Nordgren. All three parties are arguing against a cultural elite and want to see more support for culture with Swedish roots, he said. “In Sweden we have a climate in which those who appreciate paintings that depict something should apologise straight away,” Göran Hägglund, leader of the Christian Democrats, complained recently.

Mats Persson, secretary-general of the Association of Swedish Museums said: “I fear that we will now see in Sweden what we have seen elsewhere in Europe: that other political parties adopt the rhetoric of the right. We have to accept that some art might be difficult to understand, but it is this questioning that society needs.”

The only “art” there would be in Sweden under the anti-democratic Swedish “Democrats” would be drawings by Adolf Hitler, sculpture by Hitler’s favourite artist Arno Breker, hateful anti-Semitic drawings from Der Stürmer magazine, and hateful anti-Muslim cartoons.

What nazis already under Adolf Hitler called “degenerate art” would be banned under the Swedish “Democrats”.

In the Netherlands, far Rightist Geert Wilders also attacks the arts as supposedly a “Left hobby”. The new Rightist Dutch coalition government kowtows to Wilders by cuts in the arts budget.

World War II Dutch nazi art: here.

Germany: Missing “degenerate art” works rediscovered: here.

Sweden: A man was arrested in Malmö on Saturday in connection with a spate of shootings targeting immigrants. The 38-year-old’s arrest comes after a massive police operation, involving more than 50 officers: here.

IKEA’s billionaire founder Ingvar Kamprad has pledged £1bn to charity in a move which follows revelations about his Nazi past: here.

United States nazis: here.

USA: Tea Party, Republican Activists Circulate Anti-Semitic E-Mails Against Presumptive Texas Speaker: here.

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42 thoughts on “Swedish nazis attack ‘degenerate art’

  1. Administrator on October 29, 2010 at 7:52 pm said:

    Neonazis jailed for murder

    Russia: Moscow City Court has convicted two members of the neonazi White Wolves skinhead gang of racially motivated murders.

    Vasily Krivets, 22, was found guilty on Thursday of 15 hate killings in 2007-8 and given a life sentence. Twenty-three-year-old Dmitry Ufimtsev was convicted of five murders in the same period and sentenced to 22 years.

    The Moscow Bureau for Human Rights estimated that about 70,000 neonazis are active in Russia.



  2. Administrator on October 31, 2010 at 11:40 am said:

    press release antifa!-amsterdam
    antifa – 31.10.2010 10:22

    Press Release: EDL demonstration embarrasment, anti-fascists very satisfied with counter-protests.

    Antifa! Amsterdam is positive about the course of the demonstrations and actions today in Amsterdam.
    In many ways today it became crystal clear that no’one over here wants the kind of fascist street-activism as the right-wing English Defence League hopes to export to mainland Europe.

    The demonstration of the EDL / DDL was an outright failure, not more than 50 protesters eventually took the trouble to show their support for Wilders. This while the organization, even after the forced relocation to a midle of nowhere spot in the western docklands, still said this week to expect up to1,000 supporters.
    In the end, the meager turnout (in particular on the part of the Dutch Defence League, only a few of the protesters were Dutch) and the fierce resistance that they were confronted with should be an omen about the future prospects of their crossing of the channel.

    This while simultaneously a broad range of hundreds of people and dozens of groups showed throughout the city their disapproval and anger about the coming of the racist scum to the capital.
    Antifa! Amsterdam expresses support and appreciation to each and everyone who has gone out on the streets today against racism and xenophobia.
    From the hundreds of protesters who protested at 1941 general strike monument, the dozens of activists that spread over the city to prevent that the EDL would still showup in the center, to the many people who decided to ignore the emergency orders from the mayor and went in direct action in the docklands.
    The great variety of people who have come today in opposition is a clear signal, from young immigrants to experienced activists, from soccer fans to social organizations.
    In particular, the presence of Jewish individuals and the reform movement in Iran, for whom the EDL pretends to speak, and the high turnout of football fans that the EDL consider as their natural support, show that people are not deceived by the EDL.

    In summary Antifa! Amsterdam considers the day as overwhelmingly successful, and calls on everyone to keep fighting, in resistance against discrimination, hatred, fear and extreme right violence.



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