Irish clerical sexual abuse revelations by WikiLeaks

This video says about itself:

A priest speaks out against his Pope

Fr Thomas Doyle, an American Canon Law expert and a Dominican priest, gives his views on Pope Benedict the Sixteenth’s letter of apology to the Irish people for the clerical abuse of children in Ireland. Fr Doyle spoke to Karen Coleman on her show, the Wide Angle on Newstalk on Sunday 21st March 2010.

From Associated Press:

WikiLeaks: Vatican Pressured Ireland On Sex Abuse Scandal


12/11/10 11:48 PM

VATICAN CITY — Newly released U.S. diplomatic cables indicate that the Vatican felt “offended” that Ireland failed to respect Holy See “sovereignty” by asking high-ranking churchmen to answer questions from an Irish commission probing decades of sex abuse of minors by clergy.

That the Holy See used its diplomatic-immunity status as a tiny city-state to try to thwart the Irish fact-finding probe has long been known. But the WikiLeaks cables, published by Britain’s The Guardian newspaper on Saturday, contain delicate, behind-the-scenes diplomatic assessments of the highly charged situation.

The Vatican press office declined to comment on the content of the cables Saturday, but decried the leaks as a matter of “extreme seriousness.”

The U.S. ambassador to the Holy See also condemned the leaks and said the Vatican and America cooperate in promoting universal values.

Huh? Is this an allusion to the fact that not just many Roman Catholic clergy abuse children, but that “America” the United States of America quite some (Republican) politicians in the USA do that as well? Making the “value” of abuse not just parochial Vatican or parochial US American, but “universal”?

Whatever one may say about the Vatican, by the way, it did not stoop so low as to endorse George W Bush’s bloody invasion of Iraq. So, the “universal values” remark cannot refer to the Iraq war.

WikiLeaks cables: Vatican refused to engage with child sex abuse inquiry. Leaked cable lays bare how Irish government was forced to grant Vatican officials immunity from testifying to Murphy commission: here.

Why did I back Julian Assange? It’s about justice and fairness. Even my mother asked why I would stand surety for an alleged rapist. I was there because I believe this is about censorship, by Jemina Khan: here.

Something is Rotten: The Strange Case of Interpol’s Red Alert on Assange, and the US Attack on WikiLeaks: here.

We know that conservatives are extremists for order, but why have so many liberals lost their minds and joined the frenzy over Julian Assange and WikiLeaks? As the secrets of power are unmasked, there is a growing bipartisan demand that Julian Assange must die: here.

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