‘Priestly sexual abusers privileged over non-priestly abusers’

This video from RTÉ TV in Ireland says about itself:

Would You Believe on clerical sexual abuse

Jan 20, 2011

Mick Peelo looks at some internal Vatican letters that appear to paint a picture of Vatican obstructionism towards investigations into clerical sexual abuse.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Abuse by churchmen punished less”

Tuesday 10 Sep 2013, 18:57 (Update: 10-09-13, 19:17)

Abuse cases against Roman Catholic clergy often ended more favourably for the suspects compared to other suspects. This says a committee which has studied the actions of the Public Prosecutor in sexual abuse cases in the years 1945-1980. …

We found that there was in practice consultation between the Public Prosecutor and the church leadership, says the committee.

15 thoughts on “‘Priestly sexual abusers privileged over non-priestly abusers’

    • I think this differs somewhat in various countries. In a country like Ireland there were/are traditionally strong links between the government and the Roman Catholic church, and there one might expect that more than in countries where the influence on the government was less (Soviet Union, Japan, etc).

      In the Netherlands in 1945-1980, which the study is about, the Roman Catholic political party was always part of the government coalitions. So, one might expect these results of the investigation there as well.


      • Makes you wonder what happened to “separation between church and state”? When you look at history, so many events happened, so many wars waged because of religious beliefs …. inquisition, burning at the stake, etc.
        Makes me wonder ….


        • In Ireland recently, the publicity about the scandals (sexual abuse; Magdalen laundries; etc.) caused more of a separation than before. Nevertheless, there was recently the horrible case of the woman who died as the hospital refused a life-saving abortion for religious reasons …


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